Thabo Chikaka Nyirenda is known as the best attorney general in Africa for several reasons.Besides being known as a reliable,hardworking and compentent official he also has a reputation for being a phenomenal leader who has impeccable management skills.

He relates well with his juniors and is a people person who gets along with everybody hence why he is so likeable and stands out from other Attorney Generals in Africa.He is stern and firm in his decisions and often makes very fair decisions.

A few months after being named as the best Attorney General in Africa for this very qualities he spoke to us exclusively stating that he was unaware of this but he is grateful for being given such recognition in East Africa.

Mr Nyirenda said,”I do my best to serve the people of Malawi and I always give it my all.I love my country and my people.My door is always open and I’m happy when the people are happy.”

He added,”I enjoy serving my people at heart.I was born to be a leader and I love being Attorney General. I will always be grateful to the people of Malawi.”

Mr Nyirenda stated that his secret to success is hardwork and putting God first.He stands out because of his character, leadership style,competency and ability to work well with others. Many Attorney Generals across Africa can learn from him.

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