Immediately after the curfew was lifted Kenyans couldn’t wait to get out and let their hair down.Etana’s concert which was the first concert to be held after the curfew was lifted and it was the best place Kenyans could finally go and dance the night away.

After the mind blowing concert ended surprisingly early many were ready to go back home but unbeknownst to many, gangs were waiting anxiously for them outside Ngong race course (where the concert had been).

As many left to board their matatus and uberd majority were punched,kicked and robbed in the dark.It was a sad sight to behold as many let out screams of despair and anguish.Many lost their belongings and gave up trying to pursue them but the few that did their fortunes changed for the better.

As many dismissed entertaining the thought of reporting to the police those who did changed their fortune that night.Many went to Karen and Ngeria police stations to report the incidents and they were given OB numbers.

Immediately the incident was reported the DCI stepped in swiftly and ensured the victims got justice and their belongings returned.

The DCI headquarters handled the matter in a very impressive and professional way deeming it one of the best departments in the government.

Most of the victims said that they felt their voices were heard and justice got served.we commend DCI Kinoti for the amazing work he is doing.

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