Employers have been urged to take note of employee satisfaction versus employee engagement in order to ensure high turnover for their companies.

Speaking during the launch of Brighter Monday Employee Satisfaction Report 2021 in Nairobi, Emammuel Mutuma, Brighter Monday chief executive said that 90% of respodents believe job satisfaction increases job productivity while less than those surveyed are happy with their current employer.

The report which was conducted in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa among other cities focused on indicators such as job satisfaction, age, gender, location, job level among others. According to the report sampled from 1,760 respodents, Kisumu employees were the happiest at 52% while Mombasa employees ranked the lowest posing highest flight risk as majority are willing to leave their current employer in the next 6 months. Nairobi which had the highest number of respodents saw most of them remain neutral about their happiness.

In addition, men ranked the happiest of employees as compared to their female counterparts.

“The report reveals that job satisfaction goes beyond salary expectations exploring other themes such as company values, flight risk, employer advocacy among others,” he said.

In terms of age, the report shows 18-24 years employees are mostly happy with their current employer, while 25-35, 36-45 and over 45 year old employees are neutral about happiness. Furthermore, their is also a high flight risk rate across all age groups especially for over 45 year old employees.

Speaking on the same, Kimani Kinuthia, head of human resources at Brighter Monday underscored the importance of creative human resources department as a driving factor in any organisation. “Companies should start measuring and tracking employee satisfaction to ensure conducive working environment and high turnover,” he stated.

He noted that the world is currently facing great resignation especially for the most active age group of 30-50 years. This, he said, is mostly affecting the technology and health care sectors which have been greatly impacted by the pandemic increasing the work load in the aforementioned industries.

In addition, he urged all employers to take a data driven approach to solve and bring the best out of their employees as work life balance is crucial for prosperity.

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