1)You have a very unique stage name why did you chose to go with the name Spence as your stage name and not any other name?
Spence was given to me by my highschool mates. I was a great konshens fan and i would sing konshens music back to back. So my fellows nicknamed me Spence, which is konshens real name. I adopted it since then

2) For those who would like to know you better how would you describe your personality? I’m a very social crazy and open minded type of a person. I’m the kind everyone would love to hangout with.

3)How would you describe as your sense of style? To be honest simplicity is my thing

4)What do you do during your free time when you’re not making music?I do alot of research online I’m a internet person so I spend most of my time learning new skills and obtaining some knowledge.

5)How can you describe your song writing process?There are different ways that I use to write a song but the main method is I experience a melody In mind or from the environment. I then come up with words for the melody which is mostly chorus. Once the chorus is done, then automatically the song is done. The chorus is the main part of a song.

6)If you weren’t a musician today what would you be(careerwise)?I would be an accountant

7)Scientists say that music is powerful than any other medium.How can you say life has helped you cope with life’s situations?Music Gives life, I sometimes feel like music keeps me alive. I don’t exactly know how, but it plays a big role In the human body. Especially mine.

8)Are you currently in a relationship? No I’m not in any romantic relationship.

9)Where can you say a good song comes from?Most people say that a good song comes from the heart and personal experience. But I think a good song comes from a creative mind.

10)How did you find your voice and how did you find your groove as an artist?Through practice you realize what you’re good at. That’s how you realize the key that you’re comfortable with. Basically finding your sound as an artist for me is enabled by what you like and if you can deliver In that particular sound.


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