Jubilee Activist and Chairman for People Living with Disability Michael Makarina has accused the Kenya Kanza Alliance of using the youth in the Mount Kenya region during the campaign.

Addressing the Media, Makarina said Kenya Kwanza led by DP William Ruto while in Meru for their campaigns these week’s, they were looking for youths whom they could use during their campaigns leaving them without anything.

“When they were in Meru the other day, they did not have anything for the youths, instead they were looking for them so that they can use them during their campaign. Let me tell them that the work of President Kenyatta in this region is visible and cannot be debatable,” said Makarina.

He further accused Ruto and his Tangatanga team of getting into campaigns early after the 2017 elections which made President Uhuru to divorce him for hi to be able to accomplish his big four Agenda which he has done well.
He praised President Kenyatta for the good infrastructure, helping people living with disability and ensuring there is good health.

“President Kenyatta was seeing far and that is why he had to divorce them because they went into campaigns instead of working for the citizens. You can see how he chose our own Kinoti and we have experienced a lot of development in the region,” said Makarina.

Makarina has promised to move across the Mountain region to spread the gospel of Azimio which President Kenyatta supports.

His sentiments come just few days after President Kenyatta visited the Mount Kenya Region for the Sagana 3 event where he urged the people from the region to support Azimio la Umoja which is led by ODM leader Raila Odinga.

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