Umoja Summit Party on Saturday unveiled renowned funny man Walter Mong’are Nyambane as its Presidential Flagbearer in the August General Elections.

The party unveiled Nyambane during its first-ever National Delegates Conference held in Nairobi which endorsed him to run for the top office on Kenyan land.

Nyambane who recently resigned as the Director of Youth and Development in the Office of the President offered that the party will do its politics differently away from what has been experienced in the political arena in the past. Asked how that will be possible, Nyambane said he was not ready to discuss the party’s political strategy.

The new USP Party Leader took the audience down memory lane outlining how the government used to work for the people in the 90s, especially in matters of agriculture but that went away at the beginning of the new millennium.

‘Those who grew in Kericho can remember how gallons of milk were lined up early in the morning along roads and were picked by Cooperative Creameries and farmers were paid in time. That is not the case now. What went wrong?’ he posed.

He said that the party will not go to the electorate promising to build the roads or get them water but as that is always the responsibility of a responsible government and all those will be done under his watch with a sense of decorum as it is also the right of the electorate, who will be at the center of decision making.

Nyambane said that the move to go for the top seat should not be construed to mean that he was against President Uhuru Kenyatta or Deputy President William Ruto who have been his bosses saying he was only exercising what they had taught him and that it is for the dreams and aspirations of the country.

‘Also to my mentor and good man Raila Odinga. This is not also against you but for the aspirations of this nation. I have campaigned for you before but let new blood be injected into the system now,’ Nyambane said.

He advised the youth not to gamble with their votes by accepting bribes so as to vote.

‘Don’t joke with a contract of five years. Don’t joke with it by offers of Kshs200 or Kshs100. Also, don’t vote with anger,’ he advised.

There was also a moment of silence when his son, Walter Mong’are Jnr, took to the podium and gave a moving speech about his father. Monga’re Jnr moved the audience with his powerful speech detailing how Nyambane grew up from a humble background in Kisii County to where he is now.

‘It has been a journey from stage to state.’ Mong’are Jnr said.


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