Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and Nairobi Gubernatorial Candidate Richard Ngatia gave a powerful keynote address to the Kenya and UK government and business community in London this morning.

Ngatia highlighted the importance of investment in Kenya and particularly Nairobi in key sectors including Manufacturing, Construction, Real Estate, Agriculture, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Tourism, ICT, and Logistics.

In one of the meetings with key businesses in UK, he pushed for investment to ensure a sustainable approach towards solving the water challenges in Nairobi.

He discussed issues around carbon emission reduction in water resources, water treatment and supply, wastewater sewerage and treatment as well as other cross-sectoral opportunities within the water industry.

This includes borehole rehabilitation programs that provide reduced carbon emissions hence reducing the need to boil water for purification.

This will ensure the provision of safe clean water to the people of Nairobi and secure water supply resilience through integrated approaches to managing water and climate change.

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