Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirant Richard Ngatia has said that he will engage the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) on tax measures in a bid to cushion small businesses.

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry boss revealed that he is seeking tax policy reforms that are certain, convenient and efficient and that enables taxpayers to pay taxes efficiently.

Ngatia said that the current tax regime must be shaped to give a waiver for starting enterprises.

“We must have a conversation with the Kenya Revenue Authority to see how we can go about it. We must support women, widows, youths and startups to adapt to digital economy. We are looking at finding waivers for these micro enterprises 7 years at least before you start speaking to them about taxes,” Ngatia said in a live morning radio show at Capital Fm.

Among the reforms Ngatia is proposing for the SMEs include capacity build them on financial literacy.

He is also recommending that guarantee schemes be strengthened from the national government to the counties to support financial institutions to advance the same to the SMEs.
“Home-grown businesses should be encouraged to keep going and where possible, they too should be offered tax incentives that will keep them profitable while also giving them headroom for expansion,” he said.


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