Karen Oduk Oginga Is With You & For You

Karen MCA Aspirant Oginga Oduk today visited members of the transport sector and many were happy and beyond ecstatic to meet the incoming MCA.

Mr Oduk who is known by many as ‘Mtetezi Wa Wanyonge’ is people oriented and has always fought for the rights of the weak and vulnerable in society.He has always been close to the people,helping in every way that he can.

From establishing and funding facilities like rehabilitation centres in order to help youth who are battling addiction to personally funding businesses from his own pocket Oduk has done it all.

Peter Kamau one of the beneficiaries said,” I was deep into alcoholism and my life started falling apart.First I lost my job then my wife left me and after that everything came crumbling down.At some point I didn’t even have a place to live.Mr Oduk stepped in and helped me battle my addiction through one of the rehabilitation centers he started transforming my life forever.”

John Kioko a bodaboda rider told us,”Oduk has always cared about the community and the people at large.The motorbike parked next to me was bought by Mr.Oduk.After graduating like many youth I couldn’t secure a job.Mr Oduk stepped in and bought for me this motorbike.Now I’m able to provide and support my family.”

Karen ward needs a doer, someone whose words are backed by actions.Someone who has been helping members of the community since day 1.Someone like Oduk Let’s vote for him and make a difference.


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