Kamahuha Ward MCA candidate Gilbert Maina Muhia (Maina Baba) who is eyeing the seat on Usawa Kwa Wote Party has promised to strengthen private-public partnerships if elected.

Mr. Maina said these partnerships will increase investments and create job opportunities for residents.

In an interview with journalists, Maina said he will ensure residents are given opportunities to enhanced improvement of their lives.

He said that the ward has a rich history in agriculture and locals should be given emerging opportunities.

“We are ready to bring in leadership that will focus on the core issues affecting Kamahuha people including health, education, and farming,” he said.

Maina said his administration will be serving people on daily basis and maintain that he is well advanced with the problem facing the people.

“We want Kamahuha residents to be given priority, in terms of employment,” he said.

He said that it is sad that in a place like Wathiani, Saba Saba, residents still have challenges accessing clean water and health services due to bad leadership.

“We do not have value addition in Kamahuha, we have zero industries yet we have a vibrant youth force ready to work but many are languishing in drug abuse,” he said.

He said he will rally investors who want to come and invest in his ward but they must be assured of the security of their investments and get people who can work.

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