The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has suffered a big blow after the former Nairobi Provice mayors have thrown their heavy weights on Raila Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja.

Speaking in an event at a Nairobi Hotel on Friday 5 August 2022, they said Raila carries the future of the economy of Kenya and deserves an opportunity to lead the nation.

Led by the 5th mayor of Nairobi Professor Nathan Kahara, they urged Nairobians and Kenyans at large to vote Raila Odinga who has pledged to save the country from modern colonialism and corruption which is sinking the economy.

“Raila enumerated his vision for the country pegged on the ten-point agenda including the Azimio la Ugatuzi that push for allocation of more resources to the devolved units. The  “Baba Care” which guarantees a universal health coverage and free education to all Kenyans featured prominently in the manifesto that prosed to address key economic sectors including the agriculture, manufacturing, job creation, women empowerment and provision of social amenities. Kenyans should focus on service delivery through this man and not lies being sold to Kenyans by some selfish people,” Kahara stated.

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