Othaya MP Wambugu Wainaina has pledged to fight corruption and pursue radical economic transformation in the constituency.

Wainaina was elected on a UDA ticket after garnering 26,976 against Gichuki Mugambi (Jubilee) who polled 9,019 votes.

Speaking to the press, Wambugu said that his team would discourage the skewed awarding of tenders after massive allegations of corruption and nepotism rocked the former leadership.

He said residents have lost a lot of money through dubious deals and that will change under his administration.

Wainaina noted that employment opportunities will be competitive and purely on merit.

“We want to be open and accountable. I will not employ anybody based on my relationship with them but on merit,” Wambugu said.

He welcomed constructive criticism citing that accountability and good leadership should be open to critiques to properly serve the people.

“We want to be servant leaders and not rulers, therefore we shall work with the people as partners in service delivery and prioritise services that are important to the people of Othaya,” he said.

He further promised to complete stalled projects to ensure that services reach residents.

Wainaina said once the corruption loopholes are sealed, there will be enough money to fund the social protection programme.

He also urged the Judiciary to work with other arms of the government to speed up the completion of cases to deter corruption suspects from enjoying the wealth they acquired illegally.

“Corruption cases should have a timeline just like election petitions,” he said.

Wainaina also said there is a need to strengthen the DCI by providing the department with more resources.

He further expressed confidence that President William Ruto is the right person to fight corruption in Kenya.

He said the bottom-up economic model fronted by Ruto will empower Kenyans economically.


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