Have you heard of Wave 360?

Meet Zedd Mukoya the CEO of Wave 360. A young man committed to making the youth a better generation through his company. Through envisioned leadership and guided by the mission of promoting and inspiring the youth through creativity and innovation.

Today Zedd turn a year older.

Marking his 26th birthday Mr. Mukoya has been wished well by all who have interacted with his initiative directly or through the digital space.

“Your events have been the epitome of our youth and campus life. Before, we had events and activities at the campus to do events but Wave has always surpassed our expectations. We get to have experiential sessions through edutainment where we can be ourselves. Thank you for bringing forth something that inspires our talents and gives a platform for growth” said a student leader from Riara University .

Another from the University of Nairobi said,”I never thought such a young man would be a CEO. When on the ground you can’t think he is the CEO. He is so hands-on and humble. Inspiration for me right there.”

Mukoya is committed to creating an interactive environment to empower and connect not only students but also institutions to prospective corporate partners, employers, and investors.

Reaching out for his comment, Mukoya thanked the Wave Familia for the positive wishes and pledged to adress matters youth through his institutional tours and campaigns in Kenya to popularize his initiative.

“Thank you for all the good wishes. This is a very important milestone for me, and there have definitely been both challenges and opportunities but serving our clients and supporters has always been my motivation. Thank you to my team for making every step of our journey count. Thank you to friends and family for their support. And to our supporters I thank you for allowing me and my team to serve you” he said.


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