1) Tell us about yourself: My name is Dr Ritesh Patel I am a consultant and Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon.I have not only done orthopedics but I have specialized in pain management and spinal surgery.

I was born and raised in India I have four siblings three brothers and one sister.My two last born siblings are twins a boy and a girl.My sister and I are both doctors and the rest are engineers working for multi national organizations.My father is currently a retired superintendent of police and I’m very proud of him.

My education journey began India.I did my primary and form 6 studies in India and later on I went on to specialize in spine surgery, orthopedics and pain management in my tertiary education.

I did my masters in Orthopedics and after that I did fellowships from all over the world.

I love what I do and I am privileged to serve patients not only in Kenya but in seven countries as well.

Having been known as the best in my field many travel to Kenya from all over Africa for spinal surgery and I am so happy to help them.

When I started out in 2011 I noticed that there are many people in Kenya who suffer from orthopedic challenges but have no access to help that is why I decided to move from India to Kenya in 2016 so that I can help these people.Because of this I set up alot of free medical camps throughout Kenya in the beginning inorder to help as many people as I can.

When we started out we used to take the patients to India for medical help and surgery but we decided to settle here in Kenya and help them from here.

We started The Spine Clinic Africa in 2016 here in Parklands because we noticed that people spend alot of money to go to India to access medical services and we can help them alleviate their burden and costs by moving to Kenya.

We currently do hip replacement,shoulder replacement,ankle replacement, elbow replacement and all spine surgeries.

2)When and what inspired you to pursue your field of work? My mum encouraged me to be a doctor because she knew I would make a huge impact as a doctor and I would change the world so I decided to follow the wisdom of my mother.Being a first born I wanted to alleviate and uplift my family and I felt through medicine I can do that too.I am very compassionate when I see people suffer due to orthopedic problems I want to stand with them and help them.When I was in form 5 and form 6 I would attend medical and scientific seminars so that I learn about medicine and it has paid off.

3)What can you say is the secret to your success? Doing an exemplary job for clients I can say has really helped me because they appreciate your work and recommend you to everyone.When you put God first and do work with honestly and all your heart good results are bound to happen.Doctors treat but God heals.

4)Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?I see myself running several hospitals in the world all offering specialized treatments and I would like people to know that if they come to me I will relieve their pain and help them recover.

5)What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were starting out? I have garnered alot of experience in my field of work in Kenya.I have connected with many people and have seen many people transform their lives and are now able to walk and run.A whole lifestyle change and I am very grateful for that.

6)Who is your inspiration & role model?My parents are my inspiration and role model.My father was a police officer and he worked twice as hard to raise four kids and to make sure we all have successful careers.We have all have turned out to be very successful I am very grateful for him.I am also very grateful to my mum because she knew and believed that I would be a doctor even before I became a doctor and I’m very grateful to herl.I am who I am because of her.

7)What do you do during your free time when you’re not running your clinic? I read alot when I’m free.I hold alot of online webinars.I also love mentoring and training the youth through my experience and I also learn from those who have more experience than me.

8)What would you like your legacy to be? I would to be known as the top spinal surgeon in the world.I would like people to know that if they come to me they will get healed healed.I would also like to train and fellowship with as many spinal and orthopedic surgeons in Africa and all over the world.

9)Who do you credit for your success?I credit my mum for my success because she wanted me to be a doctor from the start.I also credit my dad because he worked hard to make sure we are successful.As their first born son I want to make them proud.

10) What message do you have for those currently reading this? We offer the best services in Africa so if you are looking for healing or a second opinion you are most welcome to come.If you chose us we assure you you’ll be satisfied.I would also encourage all who are reading that anything and everything is possible and to believe in themselves because the word impossible stands for I’m Possible.

11)How can someone reach you if they wish to get in touch with you?They can get in touch with me through my email drritesh@thespineclinic.in

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