The training on strengthening National capacities on scenarios building and foresights planning in alignment to the implementation of Agenda 2063 Second Ten Year plan has been launched today.

The training was organized by AUDA-NEPAD and Institute for Security Studies and brought together local and international participants.

Speaking during the launch of the event the PS for economic planning Saitoti Torome said Agenda 2063 is Africa’s blueprint and a strategic framework that aims to actualize the Continent’s goal for inclusive and sustainable development.

He said the meeting is a concrete manifestation of the pan-Africanism and drive for unity, self-determination, freedom and the urge for collective posterity.

“The Agenda is a refocus by African leaders to reprioritize Africa’s critical social-economic development, continental and regional integration, democratic governance, peace and security amongst other issues. The First Ten Year Implementnotation Plan of the Agenda 2063 that spans 2014 to 2023, comes to an end next year. We are therefore represented with an opportunity to outline a set of goals, priority areas and targets the continent will seek to achieve at national, regional and continental levels over the next ten years. The AUDA-NEPAD and AUC has already initiated the journey for the preparation of the Second Ten Year Implementation Plan,” he said.

The training launch session provides participants with an opportunity to interrogate and appreciate the achievements of the Agenda’s First Ten Year Implementation Plan, gauge it against our existing resources, then lay strategies for the next cycle of the Ten Year Plan. 

It also defines the scenario building and analysis that we are presented with today to project on the interventions for the next plan based on the performance of First Ten Year Implementation Plan.

The training will help countries develop focus for managing possibilities for better results by navigating uncertainties, risk and constraints, and develop realistic strategies.

“The scenarios building and foresights approach will also bring out regularized reporting on progress in the implementation of Agenda 2063 across countries. This would be an appropriate template to be applied by the African Union Commission and African Union Development Agency (AUDA– NEPAD) for uniform results across Countries. However, the Continent still needs to deal with the data gaps and uniformity in measurement systems. In view of this, I would expect AUDA-NEPAD to take into consideration, setting of realistic outcomes and targets that match the Aspirations objectives and goals. This will make interpretation of results and even expected outcome of scenarios easier,” Torome stated.


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