By Nicholas Manduku

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Interior and Coordination has ordered NACADA and police officers to regulate alcohol and drug abuse in the country.

The Ministry and other state officers are planning to carry a thorough crackdown on illicit brews which they say has destroyed many youths.

Speaking in Nairobi where he held a consultative meeting with relevant state officers in upscaling alcohol and drug abuse across the country,the Interior PS Raymond Omolo said youths of Kenya must be restored back from drinking spree, and it’s his mandate to ensure everything are back to normal.

Inspector General Mr. Japheth Koome said that he congratulated Nairobi County police officers for a wonderful job for bringing order in the city and it’s environs but he added more should be done.

“Our drinking drivers it’s unfortunate for our future children if you are driven with a drunkard driver,the consequences is death”,said Inspector General

Mr.Victor Okioma , NACADA CEO said they are working on various regulations that will ensure illicit and counterfeits alcoholic drinks are out of market.

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