A conversation with a bank branch manager on the while seeking employment on the current job market may have been the trigger needed to spur Madesto Waswa to start his own auditing firm in Bungoma, Western Kenya.

A degree holder in Bachelor of Business Administration (B.A) from the Technical University of Kenya, Waswa says he was adamant on securing a job right after completing his college education like everyone student,however, the journey was not as rosy as anticipated.

“I encountered many challenges whilst applying for a job. I remember right after an interview when one of the managers at the Equity bank branch I was applying at told me that having cleared my CPA level 6 will not guarantee me a job as I will be deemed overqualified and someone might sabotage my career”, recalls Waswa.

It was at that moment that he decided to start his own venture, adding that he has always strove to be the best employer in the world and provide opportunities to other young people from across board.

Having undertaken his high school education at Friends’ School Kamusinga, he prides himself as the Chief Executive Officer of Madesto Waswa and Associates, beemed as one of the leading firms in Bungoma and Western Kenya region at large.

He says the decision to establish his practice in Bungoma crops from the need to first begin at what he calls “home”.

‘I decided to establish here because of the need to begin solving issues affecting my people and enhance good practices to businesses and persons right from here”, added CPA(K) Waswa.

Having began his firm in 2019, serving individuals, businesses, an array of parastatals and even non-Governmental organisations, he advises businesses to engage professionals as chances are they might end up in a wrong way and lead to the collapse of their businesses.

Waswa states that ignoring professionals is detrimental as for businesses to grow, different organs need different levels of expertise and businesses that choose to ignore this their lifespan is brief.

Having recently been elected as the Auditor General within the Kenya Youth Federation, Bungoma County, Waswa advises those who want to venture into accountancy to be ready for the toil as studying it requires sacrifice, time and hardwork as he calls it a “profession of the strong”.


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