Weeks after the Attorney General wrote to the Treasury seeking disbursement of the funds following a stalemate between the courts and Parliament over administration of the billions, the Ksh. 4 billion was disbursed.

Runyenjes MP Karemba Muchangi says that the return of the NG-CDF is a great win for most of the less fortunate families.

Karemba says that the NG-CDF Committee had already received some of the monies which they intend to utilize on bursaries to needy students especially those joining Form One.

The legislator acclaimed President William Ruto for his commitment for the return of the CDF kitty.

“The President acted in good faith for the interests of all Kenyans regardless of their political affiliation. It is in such matters that we must work together beyond our differences,” he stated.

He adds that many families in his constituency depend on the fund to educate their children.

In the last regime, Karemba says many families from humble backgrounds have benefitted from the CDF.


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