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Isuzu East Africa has launched a new after-sales facility in Nairobi, to improve customer service.

The Ksh 35 million facility will enable customers to get faster services and access 10,000 different vehicle parts.

“After sales for Isuzu Motors has always been key pillar of our business. We are now able to offer comprehensive after sales solutions that boast modern vehicle service and diagnostic technology to ensure customers receive accurate vehicle health checks,” said Isuzu Motors Limited Executive Officer Naohiko Yanagawa.

“This investment will reduce waiting time for customers. It will also allow Isuzu East Africa to handle peak demand periods seamlessly,” she added.

Yanagawa added that the facility will also have a wide spectrum of proprietary diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot or tune the latest range of Isuzu vehicles that feature powerful and efficient common rail engines.

According to Rita Kavashe, the Isuzu EA’s managing director, the facility will be able to offer additional support to their dealer market, and it will definitely grow customer base by improving after sales operations.

“This investment underscores our commitment in ensuring that we continue being the leading automotive assembler in After sales services for our bus and truck customers,” she said.

“This facility will be able to offer additional support to our dealer network and growing customer base through improving after sales operations and processes.”

She further affirmed that customers will spend a maximum of two hours for scheduled maintenance and get access to mobile services and field engineers, all from the facility.

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