With the current economic climate in Kenya, many people are looking for ways to invest their hard-earned money wisely.

Real estate is a popular investment choice, and for good reason. However, with so many real estate companies to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one to trust.

Enter Optiven Real Estate. This company has a reputation for providing top-quality properties and excellent customer service. Their flagship product is transformed value added plots, which are enhanced to suit immediate residential settlement, commercial purposes, and futuristic capital gain.

One of Optiven most exciting projects is located in Konza City, the ambitious technology hub that is set to become Africa’s Silicon Valley.

Optiven has invested heavily in the area, acquiring prime plots of land and developing them into attractive residential and commercial properties.

During interview, Optiven founder and CEO GEORGE Wachiuri said that Investing with Optiven in Konza City is a smart choice for several reasons.

“Invest in Kenya’s upcoming world-class technology zone, Konza Technopolis which will host leading multinational tech firms. The city will span 5,000 acres, with Phase One covering 400 acres and set to create 12,960 residential units, catering to both affordable and middle-income housing,” he said.


Wachiuri outline the following reasons on why you should invest Konza Technopolis

Strategic location:

KonzaTechnopolis is strategically located 64 km south of Nairobi, on the way to the port city of Mombasa. This location gives it easy access to both the capital city and the coast, making it a prime location for businesses to set up operations.

World-class technology hub:

KonzaTechnopolis is envisioned as a world-class technology hub that will host leading multinational technology firms. It will attract business process outsourcing, software development, data centers, disaster recovery centers, call centers, and light assembly manufacturing industries.


Government support:

The Kenyan government is committed to the development of KonzaTechnopolis, and it is a key driver of Kenya’s national development plan, known as Kenya Vision 2030. The government is offering tax incentives, regulatory support, and other incentives to attract investors.

Sustainable development:


KonzaTechnopolis is designed to be a green city with low greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable use of water, clean sanitation and waste management, and renewable energy. The construction materials used in the city must be green with low embodied energy.

High potential for return on investment:


KonzaTechnopolis has already attracted a significant amount of investment, with 72% of the available land in phase one already taken up by investors. With the development of the city set to continue, there is a high potential for a return on investment.

KonzaTechnopolis is located 64 km south of Nairobi on the way to the port city of Mombasa, making it easily accessible from Mombasa Road (which is all set to be expanded:

Watch: (5) Kenya resumes the $2.7 BN Mombasa-Nairobi Expressway “One of the Longest Expressways in Africa” – YouTube).

The project seeks to attract software development, data centers, call centers, and light assembly manufacturing industries, with a focus on building a university campus focused on research and technology, hotels, residential areas, schools, and hospitals.


KonzaTechnopolis has set aside green spaces and adopts green building practices to ensure a clean environment, sustainable use of water, clean sanitation and waste management, and clean, efficient and renewable energy.


Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of this exciting Technology City that is all set to become a key driver of Kenya’s national development plan, Vision 2030.

Check out Optiven’s strategic projects via the following links:



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