In this new age when networking opens doors more than any other time in history.Connections especially in a country like Kenya are important.It is not about what you know but who you know today that counts.

Networking has been named by experts as one of the top five skills every one needs to have as the world advances.A study done by leading sociologist and project manager Bobby Bogonko found that majority of people confuse business networking with socializing and end up getting very frustrated
because they go out expecting instant results which is sometimes not the case.

According to Mr.Bob it is
necessary to create and build mutual relationships for the benefit of our future.This means that we have to be intentional about building genuine connections because in today’s society, no matter how many doors you knock people will not open their
doors until they trust you with the task they wish to fulfill.

In a press conference at a five star hotel today Mr Bob said,”Giving before receiving
is the golden rule of networking.Our networks work on our behalf when we are not aware,not present in the room or even when we are asleep.The people that we know and the network that we have built is our greatest resource.To gain new skills and ideas. The more you meet different people the more you are open to
learn from them. Through sharing their experiences and stories you pick their thoughts and
ideas or very vital information that will lead to great changes in your life.Sometimes you learn more when you meet people than when you learn on your own and the other advantage is saving on time and other resources.”

Having worked in the NGO world for 5 years and 7 years in different governmental institutions.Bob places a big emphasis on giving more than receiving. That is why his philosophy of “Givers
Gain” is taught in almost all higher learning institutions.This culture is practiced more by the Jews, Asians and the Somali community.

He added,”Imagine if we all did this for one another how easy life
would be! Helping others solve prevailing challenges by offering solutions we would be part of the solution and not part of the problem.In order to enhance our credibility and visibility the more you build a good reputation around
yourself, the more people will trust you.People buy people.”

According to the well known sociologist the difference between socializing and networking is socializing
makes people feel good and it brings a sense of belonging to the merry goers. Their goal is to
have fun and not to network while networking is the art of creating connections, developing
them into strong and meaningful relationships that are beneficial in the long run.

“In order to showcase our brand. We have to get out of our comfort zones and go outdoors, advertise,
go online, do videos, talk about ourselves and our services/products placing emphasis on what
differentiates you from the rest in your industry.
It helps to strengthen business and personal relationships.Make other people’s business
your business and you will be in business”stated Mr Bob

According to business experts businesses that thrive are those that have grown through
referrals.Studies have shown that when people share their experiences after having an interaction with you and your
products or services, they market you through and through both online and offline and through people they relate with.They go flat out to talk good
things about you in your absence.

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