Samsung Electronics East Africa is welcoming G. NUSMAS the official Samsung Electronics Avatar, to East Africa, to interact and engage with consumers in the local markets as the Face of the latest A-series campaign that will take off from the month of April. G∙NUSMAS is a small, blue alien with large, beady eyes. Through a series of mysterious events, this whimsical creature became a top-secret engineer at Samsung, helping the company develop innovative technologies that both inspire creativity and empower users.  The idea of G∙NUSMAS came from a joke that people make whenever Samsung releases a new, unique product — that Samsung must have hired an alien being to design and develop its innovative technologies.

Samsung created G∙NUSMAS in order to connect with younger generations, inspire creativity, and empower specifically Millennial and Generation Z (MZ) consumers. “Borrowing an idea from an Internet meme, which shows customers’ affectionate interest in Samsung Electronics, a friendly and pleasant avatar has come out into the world,” said Mr. Charles Kimari Director of Mobile eXperience Division at Samsung Electronics East Africa. “By letting our whimsical and brilliant aliens show different sides of Samsung to the public, I hope our consumers can feel more familiar with our brand.”

The name ‘G∙NUSMAS’ is ‘Samsung’ spelled backward. Its home planet of Nowus-129, a planet 100 million light years away from Earth, is also a reference to the address of the company’s headquarters, 129 Suwon in South Korea, spelled backward.

The new A series range comes with trendy hues, super-viewing experience, ultra-fast processors, enhanced camera capabilities, and power-packed batteries; and it only makes sense to have a blue alien with large beady eyes who is also a top-secret engineer as the face of the new range. The Galaxy A series will be available in stores in the month of April.

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