James Siele is a man under siege after his fishy dealings have been exposed amid his thoughtfull bid wish to take over the Kenya Railways Corporation as the managing director.

According to reliable sources, Siele has been on the helm of various government corporations which collapsed after or before the end of his tenure.

He served at the Rift Valley Railways as the General Operations Manager which closed in 2017 under unclear circumstances.

“Due to his incompetence and appetite for money he ensured that the Rift Valley Railways Corporation is finished completely, leaving many youth jobless,”aformer Employee at the station said.

The then Nairobi high court granted Kenya Railways the order to terminate the 25-year contract due to Rift Valley Railway’s failures to meet conditions under the concession agreement signed in 2006.

Siele then joined Magadi Railway Station in 2018 in collaboration with Pattern Odego who oversaw the fall of the then well established Magadi Railways.

Siele thereafter joined the Kenya Ports Authority and in a shotwhile was involved in a case of funds embezzlement in the Authority before he was fired.

He was then hired on a contract basis at the Kenya Nairobi Railways Corporation by then Managing Director Atanas Maina.

Due to his dirty deals he was then paid by Chinese to sabotage take over of the Standard Gauged Railways (SGR) by Kenya Railways.

“He used any little opportunity to pocket cash just to frustrate the take over of Sgr by KR,and he really messed up the whole process,”the source added.

When the current MD Philip Mainga took over the office, Siele refused to renew his contract in fear of the new tough Railways Corporation Managing Director had in place.

In the 2022 general elections, he was duped by his kinsmen in order to finance their campaigns in order to win job in Railways Corporation as the managing director only for the pledge to backfire.

According to our sources, Siele is now determined to tarnish the name of the current MD over fake allegations in relations to the running affair of the corporation.

The board members are now on top of things to block his attempts to overthrow the current MD, as they are content by Mainga’s performance whose new three year term ends in 2026.


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