Azimio la Umoja coalition in Nairobi County Assembly has cautioned the police against harassing and tear-gassing them as they prepare to receive their leader Raila Odinga tomorrow at the Jommo Kenyatta International Airport JKIA.

The leaders led by Majority leader Peter Imwatok asked police to come out and protect the as they receive Raila.

“We want to ask police to protect us not to interfere.. some of us died long time ago they should not take our kindness for weakness.”

He has called on the Azimio supporters to come out in large number and welcome Raila.

“It is a journey that is not ending soon and we are asking our supporters to come out in large numbers and welcome our leader Raila Odinga ..we Missed you baba,” Jateso added.

“The government should keep off Jubilee and tomorrow we are joining our colleagues in welcoming Baba,” deputy speaker
Paul Kados said.


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