According to some local publications, the nation is gearing for a dramatic land tussle incident next week on Tuesday as ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Oketch Owallo prepares to collude with Bondo land registrar Diana Wanyama to forcefully grab a widow’s land by forcing a road through it despite having an alternative route.

This just one of the cases in which the CS is accused with tempering with parcels of land belonging to widows in the area.

Reliable sources indicates that all plans have been orchestrated and planned by Diana Wanyama, the land regestrar at Bondo land offices who is now the referee of this illegal game.

According to a letter in our possession, Wanyama is directly linked to the said illegal syndicate .

A male reliable sources who spoke to our reporter said that some police officers have also been assigned a special job of aiding the said activity that will occur starting Tuesday next week, the media too will be on the place where the meeting will occur.

The letter says that Owallo is the complainant who has requested Wanyama and her office to help him get a road through the widows land to access his business facility.

“RE: Opening of access road serving parcel NO.Siaya/Member/3176, Eliud Oketch Owallo has applied to me under section 19(I) of the land Regestration act 2012 for the opening of the access road covering his above mentioned pacel of land,” the letter read in parts.

She added by threatening the parties involved including Monica Atieno Kayongo and Joseph James Wanjawa Kayongo P/NO 1692, Bonfas Ojall Onyango P/NO.3312, Siaya County Council, Agreppines Nyamboga Osonye, Ass.Chief Memba Sub-locatiin and Sub-county Surveyor Bondo.

She further added that the parties are urged to visit the place without fail so that she inspects the lands and give her position.

According to the inner circles close to the CS , the Regester has already made her mind on the issue and the meeting will only formalise her intentions .

“Take Notice, if you fail to appear at the place and the time mention the evidence of the applicant and his witness will be considered and the position of the disputed boundary determine in your absence, Failure to appear may constitute an offence under section 21(I) of the lands regestration act 2012 punishable by imprisonment for a term no not exceeding two years or a fine not exceeding two hundred Thousands or both.

According to the law, anyone who interferes with by defacing , removes, injuries or otherwise impairs a boundary feature or any part of it unless authorized to do so by the registrar commits an offence and may be liable to such fines but not the what the registrar says.

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