Simon Kimutai Has Served Faithfully As Matatu Owners Association Chairman For More Than Two Decades

Matatu owners association chairman Simon Kimutai today stepped down as chairman of the prestigious association passing the mantle to Albert Karakacha after more than two decades of leadership.

Mr Kimutai who has fought for the rights of the association over the years has been a voice of the association in times of joy and in times of turmoil.

Mr Kimutai said,”I have led this association for more than two decades and since then we have achieved great things.God has blessed me to retire comfortably and my time as chairman has come to an end.”

He added,”I fully support the incoming chairman fully and if he needs any support he can call me anytime and I’ll be there for him.”

Members had a hard time saying goodbye most asking the former chairman to step in as the association’s patron which he accepted gracefully.


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