Esther Ngomeli, former Deputy CEO and COO for Redhouse Group has announced her exit from the company to establish Zenith East Africa Group, an integrated marketing and communication (IMC) agency that places emphasis on people, practice, performance, planet, and impact.

Zenith East Africa Consulting Group mission is anchored on redefining the IMC landscape by delivering strategic solutions that prioritize human connections, supporting business growth, creating value for stakeholders and promoting sustainability for positive impact on the planet.

With a trailblazing spirit and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Ms Ngomeli has earned a sterling reputation as a multi-skilled business leader, with innovative thinking and strategic acumen. Under her leadership, Redhouse Group has flourished, achieving unprecedented growth and numerous accolades as a trusted partner for brands within the East Africa region.

“It is with both humility and exhilaration that I announce my departure from Redhouse Group and the launch of this groundbreaking new venture. The time has come to fully harness the potential of marketing and communication in the digital age. Our new agency will be a catalyst for change, embracing innovation, and providing strategic guidance that will propel our clients towards unprecedented success. We are committed to challenging the status quo and reimagining what is possible in this dynamic industry,” said Ms Ngomeli.

Drawing upon Ms Ngomeli’s exceptional track record of success and expertise, industry and business insights, and her deep understanding of the evolving marketing and communication landscape, the agency aims to deliver unmatched value and transformative solutions to its clients. By combining cutting-edge technology, creativity, data-driven strategies, and a people-centric approach, the Zenith East Africa Consulting Group will empower organizations to connect with their audiences in profound ways, driving sustainable growth, fostering authentic and meaningful relationships.

Ms Ngomeli’s decision to establish Zenith East Africa Consulting Group has received overwhelming support from industry leaders, clients, and peers who recognize her unrivaled track record of growing businesses, delivering exceptional results and driving positive impact for both businesses and individuals.

The marketing and communication community eagerly anticipates partnering and engaging with the agency, expecting nothing less than a transformative force that will reshape the industry’s landscape.

“I aspire to weave together purpose-driven strategic solutions that harness the power of data, champion sustainability, and forge unbreakable bonds with humanity,” added Ms Ngomeli.

In an era where consumers demand authenticity, social responsibility, and personalized experiences, Ms Ngomeli recognizes the need for a paradigm shift within the category.

“Zenith East Africa Consulting Group will spearhead this transformative movement, leveraging the power of IMC to drive business growth and societal impact. By prioritizing human connections, delivering exceptional performance, making a positive impact on society, and protecting the planet, the agency will embody these values to deliver extraordinary results for its clients while contributing to a sustainable and inclusive future,” concluded Ms Ngomeli.

As Ms Ngomeli bids farewell to Redhouse Group, she expresses deep gratitude to her dedicated team, clients, and partners who have played an instrumental role in the agency’s remarkable journey. Redhouse Group will continue its legacy of excellence under new leadership, while Ms Ngomeli embarks on this thrilling new adventure that promises to push the boundaries of strategic communication and sustainable business consultancy.


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