The 2nd Edition of Art of the City Campaign by Artcaffe saw Kesha Gorajia emerge as the Overall winner of the competition which was launched during this year’s International Women’s Day under the theme “Her Story” aimed to celebrate and empower women through the power of art.

Kesha Gorajia’s exceptional talent and artistic vision captivated the judges and stood out among numerous impressive entries. Her artwork beautifully conveyed the essence of the theme “Her Story,” reflecting the diverse narratives, struggles, and triumphs of women from all walks of life.

The competition which was launched on International Women’s Day under the theme #HerStory seeks to celebrate women around the world who have made meaningful impacts with their role in society and how the artist perceives this, creatively. From mothers to sisters, wives to friends, the art submitted celebrated women’s achievements and sought to inspire through expressive forms of art. Submissions were made digitally.

Judges Cyprian Kiswili (winner of the 1st edition of the Art of the City campaign held in 2020) and Adrian Nduma (celebrated artist, regularly displays at Artcaffé branches) had a challenging task ahead of them: filtering through 270 submissions from professional & amateur artists, children and adults alike.

Cyprian added: “Art is a powerful tool in our society. Through art, we have seen movements happen and conversations shift. This year’s theme encouraged brilliant submissions, forcing people to look within themselves and understand what role women played in their life. It’s been powerful to see different approaches to the theme that all celebrated women.”

This year’s winners included:

·       Overall winner: Kesha Gorajia

·       1st runner up: Cecilia Gakenia

·       2nd runner up: Victor Nderitu

·       People’s choice award (selected by public votes on Artcaffé’s social media pages): Dennis Andrew

The overall winner received a cash prize of KSH150,000 and a chance to exhibit and sell their work at an Artcaffé restaurant. In addition, artworks from the 4 winners will be printed on the iconic Artcaffè coffee cups and displayed on the Artcaffé website.

Artcaffé’s commitment to the arts extends beyond showcasing art in their restaurants, which is where it all began. The brand goes beyond just a café but a cultural space that aims to continually transform the way Kenyans experience art and gastronomy. Working closely with up-and-coming artists and galleries, they have built a more vibrant and inclusive art scene within Nairobi. They seek to foster a sense of community among artists and art enthusiasts, making art more accessible and less intimidating.

Kari Mutu, co-chair of the Affordable Art Show stated: “It’s nice to see corporates like Artcaffé supporting the arts which is what this industry needs to get it going and get people to know about it. Thank you for creating opportunities for artists to showcase their work.”

To up-and-coming artists, Adrian Nduma adds: “More and more people are embracing art in their organizations and pursuits. Keep expressing yourself more. Someone, somewhere will notice.”

Artwork submissions can be viewed here:

Here are our talented and inspirational top 3 winners. Hear their story, share in their creativity and of course applaud the talent:

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