South C Member of the Nairobi City County Assembly Abass Khalif has cut the image of the defacto leader of Majority in the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition party membership in the Nairobi County Assembly.
Even though word on the street is that it is just a matter of time before Abbas officially takes over the role of the Majority leader in the Nairobi City County Assembly which is led by Azimio la Umoja, it is an open secret that Abbas has been the glue that holding Azimio together in the county assembly and his elevation to head the majority side on te floor of the house is eminent.
Over the last several months, there has been a push for the party hierarchy to make changes in leadership of the Nairobi City County Assembly with Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Party Leader Raila Odinga already warming up to the idea.

In the proposed changes in the county assembly, the erstwhile favourite candidate for the position of county assembly leader of majority Abass Khalif is set to be named the new majority leader replacing the current Peter Imwatok, who MCA’s accuse of working with the Speaker Ken Ng’ondi in deal cutting instead of working to lead the majority, that has been disintegrating week in week out.
Save for the efforts of Abass, the majority in the assembly has been hitting headwinds with threats of walk outs from Jubilee and wiper parties MCA’s. Abass has however been able to bring the MCA’s together and therefore avoiding fallout, all characteristics of a defacto majority leader.

Abass has made it possible for Azimio to hold together since most Azimio MCA’s and operatives around city hall and general Nairobi Azimio politics have a feeling that those who were appointed to various leadership positions in the house are selfish and only look after their own interests.
When those in house leadership o n the majority side are always busy cutting deals, Abbas has been always available to his colleagues and other operatives in several matters.
Abbas was very instrumental in Azimio winning the contested positions in the house thanks to his skills and ability to maintain his Azimio troops together.


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