Dear Madam Secretary,
I hope this letter finds you well and high spirit,
I highly appreciate the opportunity to share my story and shed light on a critical issue
that needs urgent attention in our society. I am writing to you today to discuss my
personal experience with healthcare in our public hospitals, which has driven me to sart
a petition on platform and become an ardent advocate for better healthcare,
especially for women and children.
My heartache began with a deeply troubling incident that involved my mother, who was
unfortunately a victim of discrimination and negligence at our local hospital. This
discrimination and negligence led to a misdiagnosis that resulted in severe
consequences for her health. She is now grappling with long-term medical conditions,
including an alarming kidney failure rate of 18 out of 20, high blood pressure, and a
worsening hernia that required surgical intervention. My mother would have been
treated better had she had private insurance cover or came from the “right” family.
The situation was exacerbated by the limited capabilities of our affordable public
hospitals, which are often ill-equipped to handle complex medical cases. In order to
ensure my mother received the attention and care she desperately needed, we had no
choice but to turn to medication covered by the NHIF. Throughout this ordeal, we
encountered not only medical challenges but also pervasive negligence and discrimination during clinical visits.

One particularly distressing incident stands out. On 7th April 2021, my mother was
given inpatient treatment materials while waiting outside the hospital ward, as there
were no available beds. Shockingly, she was never attended to that day, prompting us to
request a transfer of her NHIF cover to a private hospital in another county. This pivotal
decision ultimately saved my mother’s life.
Reflecting on my family’s experience, I made the conscious choice to become a vocal
advocate for better healthcare, especially for women and children who are often the
most vulnerable in such situations. My mother’s story is a stark reminder of the urgent
need for change within our public healthcare system. It is unacceptable that patients are
subjected to negligence and discrimination during times when they require the utmost care and support.

I strongly urge you madam secretary through your office to take immediate action to
address the systemic issues plaguing our public hospitals. It is crucial to implement new
measures that prioritize patient care and safety, particularly in maternal healthcare,
where these problems are alarmingly prevalent. Expectant mothers should not have to
fear for their well-being and lives while seeking medical attention.
By sharing my story, my goal is to raise awareness about the pressing need for reform
and to inspire positive change in our healthcare system. I hope that this letter serves as a
catalyst for discussions on how we can collectively advocate for better healthcare
experiences for all citizens, irrespective of their background or affiliations.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. I strongly believe that by shedding light on
these issues, the ministry of health can work towards creating a more compassionate
and effective healthcare system that truly values and prioritizes the well-being of every
Best regards,
Harriet Afandi,
A change leader
Nguvu Collective

By Change Leader – Harriet Afandi


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