Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda is admired and celebrated by many African leaders as the best Attorney General in Africa.

Mr.Nyirenda first made a name for himself in the legal sector at the Central Bank Of Malawi as a legal and ethical officer.He became known as reliable,hardworking and competent with impeccable leadership and management skills.

Since becoming the Attorney General he has proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be well versed in legal matters, diligent and stands out from other Attorney Generals in Africa.He is known to be very patriotic,having the people of Malawi at heart and making the best decisions for his people.

A few months after being named as the best Attorney General in Africa for these very qualities he spoke to the media exclusively stating that he wasnt aware of the recognition he is humbled and grateful for the recognition.

Mr. Nyirenda said,”I do my best to serve the people of Malawi and I always give it my all.I love my country and my people.My door is always open and I’m happy when the people are happy.”

He added,”I will always be grateful to the people of Malawi for giving me the opportunity to serve them in this capacity.I promise to do my best.”

Mr.Nyirenda stated that his secret to success is hardwork and putting God first.Many Attorney Generals across Africa look up to him and borrow some of his techniques.


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