OneLife Rally Safari Kenya, an automotive spectacle, officially kicked off on Saturday, the 28th of October in Nairobi. Promising a unique adventure for Kenyans and international visitors until the 4th of November, the event has drawn thousands of supercar enthusiasts to the public event
at KICC in Nairobi. This overwhelming response vividly illustrates Kenya’s enthusiasm and wholehearted support for the OneLife Rally adventure.A Safari on wheels OneLife Rally Safari Kenya is truly an indescribable experience for everyone involved, as it goes on a journey through the heart of Kenya. Starting in Nairobi and concluding in the coastal town
of Malindi, OneLife Rally visits some of Kenya’s most iconic national parks – Masai Mara,Amboseli, and Tsavo.Spotlight on international influencers
Notable European influencers like Zummy, a well-known content creator and photographer, aswell as notable European OneLife participants @Nugato and @Crni88, are part of this
one-of-its-kind event, bringing an international flair to Kenya’s community.
Public event at KICC.The event witnessed an astounding turnout at a public location in the heart of Nairobi, with 100,000 enthusiasts coming together to witness the spectacle. From Porsche 911 GT3 and the Lamborghini URUS to Ford Raptor F150 and Ferrari 458, among other magnificent vehicles, the display was a car lover’s dream.

For those eager to catch a first-hand glimpse of the cars, the public event was held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi on October 28th. This event presented an opportunity for enthusiasts to check out the cars up close and interact with the
drivers and OneLife Rally team.
Economic Empowerment and Tourism Boost Antonio Colleluori, CEO OneLife Rally Africa, emphasizes, “The rally isn’t just about fast cars;
it’s a catalyst for economic empowerment. By showcasing Kenya’s unique terrain, wildlife, and culture, we’re inviting the world to invest in our nation, creating sustainable growth for local
communities. Tourism flourishes, businesses thrive, and Kenya’s economy prospers.”
OneLife Rally’s esteemed partners include the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports and the Arts, Magical Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), and County Governments of Narok, Taita
Taveta and Kilifi. These partnerships push forward the event’s significance in promoting tourism,culture, and investment opportunities in Kenya.OneLife Rally is a unique blend of adventure, networking, and philanthropy. As participants
cruise through scenic routes in their supercars for seven consecutive days, OneLife Rally offers access to one-of-a-kind experiences. Born in the heart of Europe, it is exciting to make the
debut in Kenya with the first-ever OneLife Rally Safari Kenya event.
As the OneLife Rally caravan continues its journey to Masai Mara, let us not forget the
importance of safety and well-being that OneLife Rally puts as its biggest priority. With the event attracting a massive crowd, it’s crucial for all attendees to prioritize their safety and the safety of others. Let’s ensure this journey continues with joy and excitement by staying mindful and
considerate of one another. Your enthusiasm and care contribute to making this event an extraordinary and safe experience for all.


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