Kenyan Business Mogul Nazir Jinnah Takes a Luxurious Dubai Escape to Recharge

As December unfolds, the elite are making their way out of the country for a well-deserved holiday, marking the end of a challenging year.

Among them is Nazir Jinnah, a prominent figure in Kenya’s business and financial realm, known for his role as a Director at English Point Marina, which has been entangled in a commercial dispute.

According to sources, Jinnah, recognized for shaping unforgettable experiences in the Kenyan hospitality sector, has opted for a month-long retreat in the luxurious city of Dubai.

This decision comes on the heels of a demanding year, and Jinnah is set to indulge in the extravagance and allure that Dubai is famed for.

Dubai, a haven for the well-heeled, offers an array of experiences catering to every taste.

From upscale shopping in renowned malls to exploring the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, Jinnah is poised to draw inspiration from the city’s architectural wonders and vibrant culture.

Whispers suggest that Jinnah is adding a touch of opulence to his escape by booking a private yacht to cruise along Dubai Marina, taking in the breathtaking skyline as he unwinds in style.

Additionally, he’s rumored to have secured reservations at some of Dubai’s finest dining establishments, where he’ll savor a fusion of global cuisines prepared by top-notch chefs.

Despite being in the spotlight due to the commercial dispute involving English Point Marina, sources close to Jinnah share that he’s aiming to put aside the controversies and close the year on a high note.

Our source said despite facing ” a well oiled propaganda campaign against him,” Jinnah seems determined to bid farewell to 2023 in a manner befitting his status as a business mogul.


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