Optiven's #OptivenAt24 Campaign: A Festive Season of Rewards for Savvy Investors

As 2023 draws to a close, the Optiven family is once again demonstrating its commitment to enhancing the festive season experience for its valued investors.

This initiative coincides with the launch of the #OptivenAt24 campaign, signaling the commencement of the last month of the year.

Throughout the year, Optiven investors have reaped the benefits of various campaigns, predominantly focusing on cash rewards or redemptions tailored to meet the customers’ preferences.

Under the ongoing #OptivenAt24 campaign, customers making investments or redeeming payments totaling Ksh 498,000 stand to receive a generous cashback of Ksh 5,000, courtesy of Optiven.

Dr. George Wachiuri, the Chief Executive Officer of the Optiven Group, shed light on the campaign’s broader purpose—assisting individuals who have included investments as part of their 2023 resolutions.

Dr. Wachiuri, a mentor for entrepreneurs, emphasized that despite the year-end approaching, there is still an opportunity for investors to align with their investment plans.

“While the year is coming to an end investors still have an opportunity to plug into their investment plans and if not complete, they can at least start the process. In so doing there will be more to celebrate when we cross over to 2024.” He said.

He noted that even if not fully completed, initiating the process now promises a more celebratory start to 2024.

The #OptivenAt24 campaign draws inspiration from Optiven’s illustrious 24-year journey since its establishment in 1999.

“Optiven has become a beacon of excellence, consistently providing transformative products and services while actively collaborating with communities to drive grassroots-level transformation, ”Wachiuri said.

Wachiuri encouraged seizing the opportunity and connecting with Optiven Group through the provided contact details:

Rachael Ndunge, Head of Sales at Optiven, expressed the company’s dedication not only to empowering investors to own property but also to rewarding them for their bold decision to invest with Optiven.

She said the campaign encompasses all Optiven projects, extending a special welcome to their newest customers.

Tel: 0790 300300 / 0723 400500

Email: info@optiven.co.ke


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