Looting at City Hall has become a cultural hobby where every single officer has to have a proxy company to unforgivingly swindle every available public fund at their disposal.

A series of publications have relayed how senior officers working closely with governor Sakaja are sweeping the county coffers and stashing the money in foreign accounts.

However, their juniors seem to be taking the queue and taking the game a notch higher.

Such is the case with one Kevin Musamia who was employed as a clerical officer after working for long as an  attachee under roads and public works.

Kevin Musamia who was employed as a clerical officer but has grown to be an untouchable cartel and tenderpreneur at City Hall.

Kevin, who is known to be an extravagant spender on women’s life luxuries indirectly owns a company by the name Felista Queen Akosa that is managed by his mother.

He is actually in ownership of a phone number registered under his mother’s name with Identification Number 5628514.

He is among suppliers who reaped hugely from fraudulent payments made between February to October 2023 and is in the process of pushing through another huge payment for ghost supplies.

He drives an Audi new shape, the same boy is now employed as a clerical officer and deployed at the health department.

He has built a state-of-the-art house in Utawala, loves flying to Mombasa where he is setting up business connections as well as western Kenya, his native home.

Kevin has established a rosy relationship with Finance Executive member Charles Kerich.

It’s only this week when online reports went round with details of how companies were being paid twice on the same day for supplying air.

The online reports named Larsen Investments which was paid a staggering Sh12 million for ‘supply of drainage material and the same day paid another Sh11,100,000 million again for supply of drainage material. The amounts as per the reports were paid on 17th February,2023 all under vote head 5325.

Istanbul Investment on the same day paid Sh13,320,000 million again for ‘supply’ of drainage material.
The companies are believed to be owned by youthful staff in the county.

The companies that are in scrutiny and owned by some county staff among them Kevin Musamia who was employed as a clerical officer but has grown to be an untouchable cartel and tenderpreneur at City Hall.
The companies that are in scrutiny and owned by some county staff among them Kevin Musamia who was employed as a clerical officer but has grown to be an untouchable cartel and tenderpreneur at City Hall.

Our sources at DCI and EACC indicates that some files are ready and awaiting to be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution for consideration.

This comes at the time the county is rushing against time to answer to audit queries from the auditor general.

Finance Executive Charles Kerich in an internal memo to the Chief Officer Finance as well as the Chief Officer Revenue highlighted a number of gaps in statement answers that had earlier been given to the auditor general.

The auditor had mentioned that one accounting officer, Tony Michael Kimani had a letter dated 31st February 2023 and the letter for Ms Maryan Dubow Dahir was not provided for audit review with the two also linked to massive looting and running of proxy companies.

Statements on County Executive Bankers did not include Chase Bank and HFC as reflected in the financial statement raising more eyebrows.

The auditor also outlined cases of possible impunity where the financial statement reflected cabinet membership, however, the County Assembly approval was not provided for audit review.

Further, the Acting County Attorney letter of acting appointment was provided.

Corrupt and salivating Peter Mogoko head of procurement

Multiagency operatives are keenly following up other county officials including Vivian Mavua, Beth Muthoni, Brian Oyando, Ambrose Musau, Denis Muia the one who does work plans for the county, Richard Mogoko the  head of procurement who has gained massive from corruption dealings, his main clients are suppliers and contractors from the Somali community and a few Kikuyus, he is currently building state-of-the-art-house.

Others are Stephen Mafura, easy panty remover Mary Maina Wangui girlfriend to former acting county secretary Jairus Musumba, Peter Gitau from procurement, Martha Wambugu among others.

MARKED; Mary Maina Wamboi who works at Finance sector, Examination and Validation Office, she was employed by former Ag county secretary Jairus Musumba. She is Musumba’s girlfriend

Detectives are also pursuing similar cases where huge amounts of money are being  wired direct to county officials from suspected corruption dealings.

It also emerged that a contractor by the name  Mohammed Ibrahim Siyad who owns rogue and unqualified companies like Buko investments is at the centre of the deal that saw the bank turn away the senior county officers.

Milbo Lakes Enterprises owned by Millicent Ndinda Ngumbi are also reaping big from dubious payments at City Hall.

The MCAs who have all the details want the EACC and DPP to quickly act on the matter.

The development comes at a time when the Director of Criminal Investigations(DCI)Mohamed Amin has publicly questioned how nine other companies were paid millions without proper procedure.

The massive corruption at City Hall has become so pronounced and some MCAs are questioning the role of independent institutions that have been investigating officers especially at the Finance and Procurement Departments.

The county executive is also under scrutiny for misuse of bank overdrafts that do not meet merit from the county assembly and as required by the PFM Act.

Those on the spot over this are Charles kerich, some county assembly leadership among others.

The county assembly is now increasingly getting convinced that governor Sakaja has failed to demonstrate capacity to run the city.

They are also accusing him of misusing funds aimed at taming environmental pollution,and the influx of cartels at City Hall.

“He is going home if this continues and I am personally going to lead a signature collection to impeach him,” Kariobangi North MCA Munuve said.

Korogocho MCA Abisalom Odhiambo alias Matach said Sakaja and his finance officials have  only 24 hours to release the funds failure to which they will paralyze  operations at City Hall.

Gatina MCA Kennedy Swaka is on record saying Governor Sakaja is taking MCAs for a ride by playing hide and seek games while at the same time promising ‘heaven’.

“The governor is playing  ping pong games with our  minds and we have to put an end to this,” Swaka said.

Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai has been vocal and has already dismissed the governor as a big joke.

County assembly MCAs Absalom Odhiambo (Korogocho), Kennedy Swaka of Gatina Ward and Kariobangi North MCA Joel Munuve. With him are Mohammed Ibrahim Siyad with a friend. EACC has launched investigations into loss of money at Cityhall

Alai has observed  that Governor Sakaja has no full control of the revenue collection system and that the national government through the National Intelligence Service was allegedly in charge.

“The fact that the governor claims the NIS is collecting revenue is shameless.The governor does not even know who is collecting revenue,” Alai ranted.


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