The Green Congress of Kenya party leader Hillary Alila has joined other leaders in giving the political party’s goodwill message to Kenyans during this festive season.

Alila in his message to the nation asked Kenyans and fellow leaders to “put others before ourselves”, adding that reconciliation and unity should be the leading virtues this festive season.

“We ought to be ready to put others before ourselves. For our leaders, that means putting the needs of those they serve first. Self-centred leaders need to learn that lesson quickly,” said the party leader  in a statement to newsrooms.

He stressed that citizens from all parts of the country must maintain good relations to secure peace and unity among all the Kenyan communities.

“As Kenyans, we should appreciate our country and celebrate our God-given blessings by regarding each other as brothers and sisters irrespective of our ethnic or political backgrounds,” said Alila.

Alila called on Kenyans to be  peaceful, show compassion to the under privileged and maintain unity for a prosperous Kenya.

He also urged Kenyans to drive carefully during this festive period, urging  pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to exercise caution while on the road adding: “We want everyone to be safe and each one of us has a duty to play”. urged pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to exercise caution while on the road.

He said although Kenyans had faced a tough year they must remain resilient and be hopeful.Alila said that the New Year season ushers in an opportunity for renewal, fresh opportunities, and for Kenyans to build on the successes of the old year.

“Wishing you all and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year,” Alila said

The party leader urged Kenyans to reflect with gratitude, the journey the nation has walked together this year.

“It’s time to reflect with gratitude at the journey we’ve walked this year,” DP Alila said.

He added: “As the year 2023 draws to a close, we give thanks to the Almighty for the Grace, provision, and protection extended to us as individuals, families, communities, as a Nation, and as humanity. This Holy and Festive season reminds us of our shared humanity and the common values that unite us irrespective of colour, creed, or country,” Alila said.

Church and political leaders also sent out messages of peace and reconciliation and urged Kenyans to avoid divisive politics as well as be responsible while on the road to avoid road accidents.

Meanwhile, thousands of people from all walks of life came out to celebrate the most anticipated day in the Christian calendar.

In Nairobi, Christmas celebrations started on the night of December 24 as Kenyans ushered in the festive season with pomp and style. Many thronged churches and entertainment spots.

Various nightclubs were filled to capacity while some chose to spend their time in church giving thanks.

Christian faithful flocked to various churches in step with tradition to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

“It is one of the most important dates in the Christian calendar and what better way to celebrate than to fellowship with other Christians, sing Christmas carols and celebrate the birth of the saviour in our hearts,” said Mary Okoth after a Christmas mass at the Holy Family Basilica.

For others, work commitment kept them in Nairobi but they still found a way to be merry.

“I am working during this festive season and so I could not travel to my rural home. However, I still had to have a good time that is why I am here with my friends to eat nyama choma, drink and just have a good time,” said James Kimani  who was with friends at Nyama Villa entertainment joint in Kayole.

However, for some the day was not a merry Christmas as they were left stranded due to non-availability of transport occasioned by the Christmas rush.


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