Kenya has been urged to follow Ethiopia’s lead and recognize Somaliland, a model country for the Horn of Africa and beyond.

The two countries signed a landmark Memorandum of Agreement that will see Ethiopia recognize Somaliland as an independent State.

Ambassador Edd Branson and Fencorp Global, a leading international investment firm, have congratulated both parties on this historic achievement and urged Kenya to follow suit.

“This agreement marks a crucial step towards regional stability and progress,” said Ambassador Edd Branson, a seasoned diplomat and respected figure in international relations.

“We urge the African Union and strategic countries like Kenya to follow Ethiopia’s lead and recognize Somaliland officially. Such recognition could pave way for peace, stability, and economic growth in the region.” he said

Nick Ncube, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Fencorp Global, has been at the forefront of advocating for the recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign nation.

He affirmed that Somaliland has proven itself to be a model country for the Horn of Africa and beyond, with a functioning democratic government, strong institutions, and a relatively stable economy.

“Somaliland deserves the recognition and support of the international community for its remarkable achievements,” Ncube noted.

He added, “Recognizing Somaliland as a nation will contribute to regional stability, economic development, and improve the livelihoods of its people.”

Ambassador Edd Branson will be leading a high-powered delegation of international business persons who have demonstrated keen interest in investing in Somaliland.

The delegation aims to explore the vast potential that Somaliland offers in various sectors, such as infrastructure, energy, agriculture, and telecommunications.

Fencorp Global is also actively engaged in a strategic push to ensure that the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) grants Somaliland its own country code.

This designation would enable Somaliland to have its independent presence in the global telecommunications network, enhancing communication capabilities, fostering the growth of the digital economy, and attracting additional foreign direct investment to the region.

“By recognizing Somaliland, Branson said, Kenya would open up avenues for trade and cooperation, which could result in enhanced economic opportunities for both countries.”

However, he added, recognizing Somaliland should not jeopardize the Kenya-Somalia relationship. Kenya and Somalia share a long history of cultural, economic, and social ties.

According to Branson, any recognition of Somaliland should be done in a manner that respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia.

 “Both Kenya and Somalia should engage in open dialogue and diplomatic negotiations to ensure that the recognition of Somaliland does not undermine their relationship but rather serves to strengthen regional stability and cooperation,” he said.

“We recognize the importance of this delicate balance and commend Ethiopia and Somaliland on their landmark agreement.”

Ncube said the agreement demonstrates the commitment to peaceful engagement and regional cooperation, and sets a positive example for other countries in the region.

A swift recognition of Somaliland by Kenya, he noted, holds significant benefits for both countries and the wider region.

“It has the potential to bolster regional stability, foster economic growth, and enhance cooperation. However, this recognition must be approached carefully to ensure that it does not strain the Kenya-Somalia relationship,” said Ncube.

Ncube argued, open dialogue and diplomatic negotiations are crucial to finding a mutually beneficial solution that respects the sovereignty of all parties involved.

“We stand ready to support these efforts and congratulate Ethiopia and Somaliland on their positive step forward,” he added.


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