The Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) has responded to various issues raised by the chairman of the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) during a press conference.

KAMP previously provided the regulator with accurate data supporting their efficiency, although this information was not shared to the media. Despite this, KAMP asserts its commitment to transparency and accountability, making necessary adjustments to streamline its operations.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, KAMP CEO Maurice Okoth highlighted progress made in terms of the distributable percentage, particularly following the implementation of new tariffs in January 2024. However, KECOBO’s offer of lower tariffs to users has resulted in lower collections, despite KAMP’s efforts.

Okoth explained that in January, KAMP’s share of collections exceeded Kes.11.2 million, representing 61.39% of the total collected. He clarified that KAMP’s performance in 2023, with Kes.52.7 million collected and Kes.7,958,176 reserved for distribution, improved significantly over previous years. Okoth emphasized that KECOBO’s portrayal of KAMP’s position on actuals as Kes.57.1M does not accurately reflect receivables invoiced but not yet received.

KAMP Chairperson Angela Ndambuki acknowledged the need for further improvement in performance but emphasized the significant progress made in 2023. She stated that the distributable amounts for 2024, currently standing at 61%, are expected to increase in the coming months with support from KECOBO. Ndambuki assured that KAMP is committed to safeguarding its members’ incomes and is implementing monitoring and distribution systems to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Ndambuki pledged to provide a detailed statement in the near future regarding KAMP’s performance and address concerns with KECOBO.

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