Pwani Oil Products Limited (Pwani Oil) has today donated sanitizers to 17 schools in Kilifi County, benefiting over 5,000 students, as a proactive measure to help curb the spread of conjunctivitis, commonly known as Red Eye Disease.

The disease has emerged as a significant health concern in Kenya, with recent reports indicating a rise in cases across the country. Kilifi and neighboring Mombasa have been particularly hard hit, with over 1,000 individuals diagnosed with the ailment. The disease presents with symptoms such as swollen, itchy, and painful red eyes accompanied by liquid discharge, posing a serious threat to public health.

Recognizing the urgent need for preventive measures, the country’s ministry of health has emphasized the importance of maintaining strict hygiene practices. Regular hand washing and the use of sanitizers have been identified as crucial strategies in containing the spread of the disease.

Pwani Oil’s donation, comprising of Detrex Hand Sanitizer Gel with Aloe Vera and Detrex Instant Sanitizing Spray, is a vital step in supporting the hygiene efforts within the community. By targeting vulnerable populations such as young children, the company aims to mitigate the risk of infection and support to safeguard public health.

“Positively impacting the community we operate in is our number one priority. It is our hope that the sanitizer donation will go a long way in improving hygiene in schools, and help stop the spread of the red eye infection,’’ said Rajul Malde, the Commercial Director of Pwani Oil, the manufacturer of  Fresh Fri cooking oil, home care products (Ushindi), and personal care products, including Detrex anti-bacteria soap, and Sawa and Diva bathing soaps.

The beneficiary schools are: Baharini Primary, Kikambala primary, Bodoi Primary, Ushindi Primary, Angaza Nuru primary, Bomani Kireme Primary, Bomani Secondary, Water Holson primary, Vickie Primary, Msumarini primary, Ngolohko Primary, Barani Primary, Uhuru wa Garden Academy, Abraham Grandson Primary, Neema Baptist primary, Kikambala Star Academy, and Neema Rashid Primary.


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