Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna and former Nairobi County Executive Committee Member for Education Janet Mutoni Ouko yesterday, Friday March 1st, 2024 made an impromptu visit of the new Dandora Stadium where they led groups of rowdy youths in a purported oversight tour that left a trail of destruction to the newly constructed stadium.

Earmarked for opening on 9th March, 2024, when the Stadium will host tor Safaricom Chapa Dimba national finals, the stadium in Dandora Estate in Embakasi North was left with a few areas to put up repairs as the youths who had descended to the stadium at the behest of the Senator and Ouko angrily vandalised some parts of the stadium as they waited for handouts from Senator Sifuna before they chased him and his motorcade away.

Sifuna went to the stadium to conduct his oversight role on the Nairobi County government raising questions why he went along with Muthoni Ouko and the reasons as to why the rowdy youths were invited to the tour.

Football stakeholders in Nairobi have strongly condemned the damage overseen by Senator Sifuna, who is also the Orange Democratic Movement Party Secretary General noting that it is wrong for the Senator to tag along hooligans who vandalise sports infrastructure just days before its official opening and at a time when the country is facing an acute shortage of football grounds to host league fixtures.

“We have reprive because the damage caused by the followers of Senator Sifuna was not grievous and the repairs can be done in time to host the Chapa Dimba na Safaricom finals but we strongly condemn such acts of hooliganism perpetrated by the senator,” read a statement from a cross section of football administrators in Nairobi.

“In Nairobi, we don’t have enough stadiums and the one that the county government has constructed, now the senator brings along people who vandalize it. Sifuna was only allowed access by virtue of his position as senator and it was not necessary for him to bring along the rowdy youths. In Fact, we wonder what the other on, Muthoni Ouko came to do because she is not a CEC now but we have heard the two have combined efforts to fight any projects done by Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and therefore, this was not a tour to inspect and oversight but extend their malicious intentions which we condemn in the strongest terms,” the statement continued.

The group called for the arrest of Senator Sifuna for the damages on Dandora Stadium.

In the recent past, Sifuna and Ouko have taken to criticizing every project associated with the Nairobi Governor including a vicious fight on the successful Dishi na County as well as the re-opening of Uhuru park to the public.

The recent attacks on Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja by Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna and former Nairobi County Executive Committee Member for Education Muthoni Ouko have largely been attributed to, reportedly, the governor’s refusal to give in to demands of giving financial favours painting a picture of extortion plans disguised as oversight.

Sifuna recently attacked the Governor taking a swipe at the roll-out of the ‘Dishi na County’ school feeding program which was started in 2023 by the Sakaja administration.

The Senator, who was among the ardent supporters of the ‘Dishi Na County’ program has appeared to take a U-turn on the program now claiming that the program is marred by malpractices including irregularities in the supply chain. Sifuna claimed that the food supplied is good quality but the program has some county government officials supplying goods for the program contrary to procurement procedures.

Sifuna falsely claimed that county government officials have been supplying the rice and cereals while others provide transportation but our investigations revealed that no county government was doing business with the Dishi na County program and the law outrightly prohibits County Government workers from making supplies to the county.

However, details have now emerged that Sifuna and Muthoni Ouko have been out in an extortion scheme on the governor as well as seeking irregular tenders which the Governor has refused to offer.


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