Optiven's Global Excellence As They Take Title DEEDS to Australian Customers

Optiven, a real estate company led by George Wachiuri, has delivered title deeds to its customers in Australia.

Wachiuri, speaking during a media interview, announced that the visit is scheduled to take place from March 1st to March 25th, 2024.

The CEO expressed gratitude towards customers who have invested in properties, stating that title deeds will be awarded to those who have committed their resources to Optiven.

“Optiven Limited is deeply passionate about empowering and inspiring Kenyans in the Diaspora. Having visited various states in the past, offering Kenyans an opportunity to own property at the convenience of their current residences, this time, we are set to visit Kenyan investors in Australia and fulfill our promise by awarding them their titles,” said Wachiuri.

He added, “Our visit to Australia is essentially a gesture of gratitude, thanking these customers for choosing to invest through Optiven Limited.”

Wachiuri further emphasized that Optiven is committed to providing Kenyans in the Diaspora with a convenient and hassle-free process to obtain their title deeds.

 “We aim to honor our customers, demonstrating the genuine value we place on them. Our readiness to collaborate and support them is unwavering,” he emphasized.

This isn’t the first time Optiven is delivering title deeds to its customers.

Last year, George Wachiuri visited several states in the U.S.A and delivered titles to their customers, covering states such as Boston, New Jersey, Washington DC, Dallas, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Additionally, Optiven opened a Diaspora Global office in Karen at the Zamani Business Park.


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