Latto released her album 7777 a few months ago.It sold 25,000 copies first week, debuting at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 200.This is her best performing album following her widely acclaimed song Big Energy going platinum.This was the first single off the album.

During the time of its release, she was beefing with Nikki which wasnt good for her career cause I kind of feel like at the beginning, she had the support of the barbs and because of beefing with Nikki, she ended up losing a huge chunk of her fans who are barbs.

Dating 21 Savage also wasn’t a good move on her part. A huge number of her fanbase found this to be very unethical including Christians and married women who believe that marriage is sacred and it’s just a line not to be crossed by anyone.She did end up losing more fans who would have bought her album, streamed her album and taken her album sales to another level because of this.

However, I feel like the album had a great lead single that propelled her career to a new level.Putting her on the spot for the best performing albums to date.

It is because of Big Energy that she ended up collabing with Joon Cook and getting her first number one on the Billboard Hot 100.Making her the first rapper to debut on the charts in 2023.

My opinion is It was a great album,it had great songs,it performed really well but feel like it would have done better
if it wasn’t shrouded in so much controversy and drama.It is safe to say that drama overshadowed the album’s rollout.


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