Nicki Minaj recently released her highly anticipated album Pink Friday 2.This is her fifth album with YMCMB after her highly controversial 2018 album Queen underperformed.

Her new album debuted at number 1, selling 228,000 copies, becoming her third number one album.It is the most sold album in the
2020s and is a great comeback for the rapper after her previous album Queen flopped.

Queen, flopped becoming
her least-selling album.This is because it was shrouded in controversy and Nicki was going through her famous hate train which also went hand in hand with the rise of Cardi B which the world seemed to side with at the time.

Her new album is amazing and has features from heavy hitters such as J Cole,Monica,Keisha Cole and many other music legends.

Super Freaky Girl and Red Ruby Da Sleeze were the album’s lead singles.However the album was filled with samples of previous songs which I feel watered down the authenticity of the album.

The album has everything for everyone.She made sure dance hall,rap and R&B lovers were covered.Many definitely loved the album and this reflected in its sales.Nicki Minaj went on tour this month and now has the highest grossing tour.


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