Beyonce released her first dance/electronic album a few months ago titled Renaissance.It debuted at number 1 selling 195,000 copies first week.The album was impressive to many however it has been recorded as her least commercially successful album.

Inspite of this she has been able to accomplish alot in a genre that she’s never done before becoming the first African American woman to debut number 1 on the dance/electronic charts.

Many agree that by doing a new genre this alienated her core fanbase. It was a totally new sound and many people just arent used to it.They are used to her doing contemporary r&b.The fact that the album also didn’t have visuals played a huge role in the album’s low sales.Analysts definitely believe that if her album had visuals it would have done more performed better commercially.

Her tour was sold out. I loved the theme because It was very futuristic. What stood out the most about her as an artist is that she has evolved and hasn’t boxed herself.Tbis is something that artists can learn from her. When artists find a genre that suits them, they tend to stick with that genre to the end. This has only proved her versatility.

Reinassance went number one, making her the only artist to have number one albums in four decades making her the most awarded artist in Grammy history.


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