Hon Babu Owino has announced that he is ready to move a special motion in parliament to remove Health cabinet secretary Susan Nakhumicha.

According to to Article 152(6) of the Constitution as read with Standing Order 66, Baby Owino has every right to set the motion if he and a section of the public feel unsatisfied with the health sector in Kenya.

In a statement Mr Owino said,”I wish to notify you of my intention to move a special motion for removal of the Cabinet Secretary for Health from office on grounds of gross violation of Articles 26(1) and 43(1)(a) of the Constitution; and Incompetence.

He added,”These grounds are as a result of the doctors’ strike.A majority of Kenyans’ have a right to life as well as the right to the highest attainable standard of health.This has been grossly violated by Mrs Nakhumicha.”

He also stated,”Since the strike began on 15th March, 2024, scores of Kenyans have been unable to access medical care, and in some dire cases, some have even lost their lives.The CS has exhibited incompetence in that she failed to avert the doctors’ strike which has now entered its third week.She has failed to honor the doctors’ Collective Bargaining Agreement and has instead taken a hard line and is threatening the striking doctors with immediate sacking and replacement.”

Members of the public and a section of the medical fraternity also feel like the CS has further failed to appreciate the seriousness of the strike and has failed to provide a lasting solution to settle the demands of the medics including hiring of interns/trainee doctors and payment of salary arrears.

Bab Owino’s goal is to seek the resolution of the House to require His Excellency the President to dismiss the Cabinet Secretary from Office stating that he has evidence in support of the allegations.


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