MoveoX Global Talent AG, a trailblazer in innovative global talent recruitment solutions for the European Union, achieved a significant milestone with its inaugural East Africa Regional Meetup on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. Held at the esteemed Regus office in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya, the event showcased moveoX’s dedication to fostering connections and collaboration within the region’s dynamic labor market.
The East Africa Regional Meetup provided a platform for young talented IT industry professionals and enthusiasts to convene, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities in Europe’s burgeoning IT job landscape. Attendees engaged in insightful discussions, networking, and gained valuable insights into talent acquisition and questions around work permits in the European Union, specifically Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
“We are delighted to have hosted our first East Africa Regional Meetup in Nairobi,” expressed Peter Unghvary, CEO of moveoX. “The event brought together our first candidates in IT, electrical engineering, and PLC programming from across the region to share knowledge and get to know how a candidate’s journey looks like if it comes to relocation into the German-speaking European Union.”
Speaking at the event, moveoX African ambassador, Mr. Immanuel Onguko, added, “We are here to empower African talent to reach global heights, one connection at a time. Our inaugural East Africa Regional Meetup in Nairobi marks a significant step towards fostering collaboration and creating opportunities in Europe’s thriving IT landscape.”
Estimates show that around additional 28.000 IT talents would be needed over all of Austria’s industry sectors alone, with Switzerland being about the same size and facing the same situation as Austria and Germany, which shows a tenfold of such numbers by comparison in general as being the much bigger regional economic power.
With a strategic focus on expanding its presence in Africa, moveoX is committed to supporting the growth and development of talent within the continent. By organizing events like the East Africa Regional Meetup, moveoX aims to build up an African community of IT talent willing to relocate for a career stepping stone. moveoX’s recruiting approach focuses on candidates rather than company clients, thus empowering individuals to thrive in the evolving global economy.
In line with moveoX’s ethos of placing global talent’s needs at the forefront, the company is dedicated to creating inclusive platforms that drive positive change and foster professional growth.
About moveoX:
moveoX is a pioneering force in cross-border recruitment solutions, dedicated to placing global talent’s needs at the forefront. With offices in Vienna, Zurich, and Hamburg, moveoX specializes in facilitating opportunities in IT, electrical engineering, and PLC programming within German-speaking countries.

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