Amb Ngovi Kitau is a revolutionary Kenyan leader who has served Kenya in many different sectors.He is admired by many for his exemplary character and leadership abilities.Having worked in different sectors including but not limited to being an ambassador.Mr Kitau today is one of the founders of Premier Milk.One of the best dairy products in Kenya.

Having been among the brightest and first African students to be enrolled in a national school during the pre colonial era.Many including his teachers were fascinated by his intelligence and nature.

Humility is another factor that makes him stand out of the crowd.At the Kikuyu Council Of Elders meeting that saw the Akamba incorporated into the GEMA community.Mr Kitau who is a member of the council of elders was praised by his peers for this very nature.

Having grown up in Eastleigh he has a fountain of knowledge on life during the pre colonial era and his grass to grace story is truly inspiring and gives one hope that they van make something out of themselves no matter where they are from.

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