HOCT(Martha Wambugu and Daniel Peter Nguru) Report show that every foreign trip from Nairobi county must have names of Martha and Nguru for it to be processed for payment.

The two are said to have made several payments of foreign trips, some of which they have not attended the said conferences.

It is believed to be a scheme to avoid the EACC and DCI who are keen on suppliers payments Cob has of recent rejected staffs payments from Nairobi County due to these Irregularities as they demanded to see an assurance of staff payments and other key documents.

Dennis Muia who works at the workplan office is on the spot for favoring some suppliers who give him kickbacks.

He is also doing incomplete workplans that has earned him the wrath of city hall stuff.

The Controller of Budget has on many occasions rejected city halls work plans on grounds of irregularities .

Martha and Nguru are on spot for diverting staff’s money to pay their companies that have not delivered or done any job.

Nguru is set to occupy the workplan office yet he holds no background in Finance or accounting. Nguru holds a position of Principal Procurement officer and has no qualifications.

Senator Sifuna recently blasted the Nairobi Public Service Board for hiring individuals who got no qualifications. Martha recently paid companies affiliated to Daniel Nguru worth millions of money.

Some of these companies are said to be Helkan generals suppliers recently paid 36 million shillings and Darcash Bin Ltd which was Paid 9 million for works never done.

Staff are complaining of non payments of their allowances as Dennis Muia who works at workplan office favors suppliers payments.

Another officer on spot is Irene gitundu who claims to have the protection of Charles Kerich CEC finance who intimidates junior staff to process for them irregular payments.


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