Startimes is gearing up for the grand launch of its newest channel, Rembo plus TV, on Monday, July 1st, at Serena Hotel.

The event is expected to attract key industry players and government officials, marking a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing commitment to enhancing local content production and utilization.

In a recent statement, Startimes emphasized its dedication to investing in local content, a move that has been central to the company strategy for growth.

Mike Mwai, the Head of PR and Content Syndicate at Startimes, during a media interview highlighted the company’s substantial investments in quality content over the years.

He pointed to the success of popular shows such as “Hello Mr. Right” as a testament to their efforts.

“We are progressively putting efforts towards enriching our subscriber bouquets with a diversified content genre as we further cement our place as the most affordable pay television platform with an enviable range of premium content for the whole family television viewing experience,” Mwai stated.

Mwai elaborated on the company’s broader strategy, which involves forming partnerships with industry players to further promote local content consumption in Kenya.

He stressed that Startimes is focused on providing a variety of content genres to its subscribers, reinforcing its position as the most affordable pay television platform offering premium family-friendly content.

This strategic initiative includes securing exclusive self-produced and acquired content from renowned local developers.

He added that Startimes is focused on securing exclusive self-produced and acquired content from renowned local developers noting the goal is to develop unique genres that resonate with subscribers while ensuring the content is family-friendly.

“Subscribers can look forward to increased local titles on the Startimes platform, with the exciting part being we will explore diverse content genres over and above the dramas which have dominated our screens in the past,” added Mwai.

In addition to enhancing its television offerings, Startimes is leveraging its online streaming application, StarTimes ON, to provide subscribers with access to pay television channels on the go.

The app also continues to expand its video on demand (VOD) content, making it available for both subscribers and non-subscribers, thus broadening its reach.


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