Senaca security is back at Serena and as they always say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Barely a week has passed and they have already started asking for hand outs from clients and customers.Upon entry I expected a warm welcome or jovial smile instead I was welcomed with a ‘you never buy us lunch is it that your just mean or a Christian.’

This was quite irritating as it seems that the employees are so dependent on these hand outs that they cannot function without them.

Anyway I visited the rooms that my husband was sleeping in.The decor and food is amazing however they don’t even have a bath tub which is the least requirement in a five star.The rooms are small and squeezed and the hallways are extremely stuffy.Good luck if you have sinuses.

Anyway upon their return Senaca security kept on urging clients they perceive as ‘mean’ to give them hand outs which is quite irritating amidst the biting economic times.They should be more considerate.


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